The Real Meaning of Christmas:
How We Do It at Peyton’s Learning Place

Christmas at Peyton's Learning Place

The Real Meaning of Christmas:
How We Do It at Peyton’s Learning Place

Do you feel overwhelmed by the production of the Christmas season?

Are you burdened by the need to get a special gift for so many people in your life, especially your children?

Are you also overwhelmed by the desire to convey the deeper meaning of Christmas to your kids at a time when the world around them encourages them to ask for more “things?”

There’s nothing wrong with Santa and a fun stocking surprise on Christmas morning. However, as the list of things your kids want to “put on Santa’s list” grows and grows, do you find yourself wanting to shape the way your kids think about Christmas?

At Peyton’s Learning Place, we have first-hand experience of what a struggle it can be to fulfill the seemingly endless demands of the Christmas season. You want your kids to experience the warmth and joy of the season, and you want them to know what it really means. You want to give your loved-ones lasting memories and good gifts, and all of these pressures come on top of the demands of everyday life.

Which gifts and experiences do you choose when they all seem good, and fun?

Keeping Christ in Christmas

The good news is that, here at Peyton’s Learning Place, we are committed to celebrating Christmas first and foremost as the birth of Jesus Christ.

It’s one of the most significant parts of our Christian education atmosphere. We know that “peace on earth, goodwill to men” isn’t just an empty saying.

We want to partner with you by teaching your children in tangible ways how Christ is God’s best gift to us, and He’s the reason we celebrate and give gifts to each other!

Christmas at Peyton’s Learning Place

Merry Christmas from Peyton's Learning Place With the ideas of peace, goodwill, and a spirit of giving to each other before asking in mind, we have developed some simple Christmas traditions at Peyton’s Learning Place to help facilitate your own Christian teaching at home.

For our littlest children, the idea of Jesus as a baby is very precious. They understand this so well already. We love to wrap our baby dolls in muslin strips and call them Jesus as we talk about Mary wrapping Jesus in swaddling clothes and laying him in a manger.

Christmas Music

One of the best ways we’ve found children respond to the message of Christmas is through music, and so we have Christmas music playing in our classrooms and teachers singing to the kids.

Even if your little one is too small to know the meaning of all the words to “Away In A Manger,” or “Silent Night,” the beautiful message of those words will remain hidden in her heart for the rest of her life. As we repeat these beloved verses, the kids come to recognize and love the story of Jesus before anything else about Christmas.

Christmas Parties

Of course, we also celebrate Christmas for the party that it is with fun Christmas pajama days, tree draping, and yummy drinks and treats our wonderful parents bring in for our teachers.

For your kids, the celebration of Jesus’ birth and fun parties will always go together!

Reaching Out to Families in Need

Christmas at Peyton's Learning PlaceOne of our favorite things to do during Christmas is to wrap and deliver donated Christmas gifts to families in need. Your kids get to see and participate in a special wrapping party put on by teachers and parents who volunteer their time and then help deliver the gifts to others.

Instead of just thinking about what they want to get, your children will have the opportunity to give to others in a meaningful way.

Bringing it Home

Christmas is the perfect time to start a Christian education for your children, by giving them tangible ways to see, hear, and learn about God’s gift of love to us – Jesus Christ – and how we can show others His love by giving to them.

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