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Do you feel overwhelmed by the production of the Christmas season?

Are you burdened by the need to get a special gift for so many people in your life, especially your children?

Are you also overwhelmed by the desire to convey the deeper meaning of Christmas to your kids at a time when the world around them encourages them to ask for more "things?"

There's nothing wrong with Santa and a fun stocking surprise on Christmas morning. However, as the list of things your kids want to "put on Santa's list" grows and grows, do you find yourself wanting to shape the way your kids think about Christmas?

How often does your family eat a meal together? When you eat your meals, are you standing up, seated at the table, or in front of a screen?

Maybe you haven't thought very much about the answers to those questions. American parents work hard. Most families need two incomes to make ends meet.

It's understandable when mealtimes end up being rushed or turn into "chill time" in front of a screen.

However, did you know there are terrific benefits to eating a family meal together several times a week? Just one simple change could make all the difference in your child's life.

Chances are good that your kids are already getting excited about the prospect of Halloween. Even our youngest ones only need one experience of the joy of Halloween - the costumes, the candy, and the parties - to mark it as one of the best days of the year.

However, Halloween can pose significant fears for parents for a variety of reasons: food allergies, road safety, predator danger, scary decorations, and much more.